Flipmode Configurator

You can preview Flipmode installation dimensions by making a selection in the number of panels menu.
You can then submit a request for quotation by filling out the form below.

  • To be able to submit a request for quotation you'll need to make a selection in the number of panels menu.
  • Please also ensure that the color selection matches your preference for accurate availability information.
  • You can request a quotation for sets larger than 9 panels by choosing the "Other" option and filling out the number of panels in the message field.
  • If you wish to request a quotation for multiple panel sets, please select "Other" option and specify the number of sets and number of panels per set in the message field.

  • In the contact information name and email fields are required.
  • By filling out city, province or state and country information you'll enable us to forward your request for quotation directly to the appropriate distributor.

For customers in USA only. Customers outside USA, please use this CONFIGURATOR.

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